What are our ‘Core Values’ and why are they important?

Our Core Values define us and describe the inner fabric of who we are. They are the biblical truths that provide us with a firm foundation from which to build. These beliefs govern the way we do church. They guide us in our decisions, so that we accomplish the assignments God gives to us.



We are a church where the Word of God is taught and the Spirit of God abounds in an atmosphere filled with faith, hope and love.


We are a church made up of people who have faith in God and believe that with God all things are possible. We have one answer to God, and it is always yes. We are not afraid to take bold steps of obedience, even when it defies conventional wisdom or logic. Saying yes to God will always bring into manifestation His unlimited power and provision.


We are a church that understands God requires us to keep growing, maturing, learning, and preparing so that we are equipped to fulfill every good work He has planned for us. This is accomplished personally and corporately through study, prayer, worship and serving.


We are a church that values unity, healthy relationships, strong marriages and strong families. We recognize that a church governed by the law of love creates an atmosphere where God’s power and presence abides, and God’s people flourish. We aggressively defend our unity, and make no allowances for strife and discord. We actively cultivate relationships founded on love that build God’s body and provide encouragement, honesty, approachability, and accountability. We believe in resolving conflict biblically.


We are a church that believes in the power of prayer, and consider it a privilege to be used by God to pray. We encourage both personal and corporate times of prayer, knowing that working together with God, brings His plans to pass in the earth.


We are a church that builds out, not just up. We believe we can be more effective in reaching the lost and making disciples for Christ if we build out through church planting, not just up by growing one church. God’s Kingdom work can expand when we do our job as a church, which is to make disciples and train leaders. Church planting provides opportunity for disciples to use their God-given gifts and to grow in leadership, as they help to plant and establish new churches.


We are a church that understands everything we do is born out of our love for God. We give Him our first and best (time, resources, gifts/talents) because we love Him. (Revelation 4:11) We show our love for God by the way we serve His House and His people. We don’t accept ‘just good enough’, but we serve with the best that is in us. We love God with our whole heart and serve with our whole heart.


We are a church of people who navigate our lives from an eternal perspective. This earth isn’t our home – heaven is. We know that what we do in this life has eternal consequence, so we live each day with purpose and focus. We live to do God’s will and to finish His work. Our eyes are fixed on eternity.


We understand that the church is a team of people, called and assembled by God to work together for a common cause. Everyone is a player on this team; that means no one sits on the bench and watches. There are no superstars, because everyone is vital and necessary to the team. We play and we win together. We are each other’s biggest fans and greatest encouragers. When we work together, we are built up in love, and are able to complete our mission. We make a Kingdom impact when we function as the Team God has called us to be.


We understand God loves, values and uses people of every tribe, tongue, nation and age group to reach the lost and build His Church. We are a church who desires to look more like heaven, so we celebrate cultural diversity, and embrace every generation.


We are a church not contained by four walls. We will endeavor to use every avenue and tool to get the life-saving, life-changing message of Jesus out to those who need it.


We take our God-given mission seriously, but we believe there is joy in the journey. Serving God isn’t a chore; it’s a joy. We believe Church should be fun, and that the very thought of gathering together with our church family should make us glad.